Why has Kuami Eugene music gained so much popularity?

Eugene Marfo, aka Kuami Eugene is one of the most talented musicians in Ghana. His musical talent and fame has been seen through groundbreaking releases such as “Angela”. At 20 years old, Kuami Eugene is the youngest musician in the general Ghanaian music industry. As his songs continue to enjoy extensive airplay, there is no limit to the heights that this young man will attain.
In the highly competitive music industry, Kuami Eugene has proven his prowess in becoming one of the most popular musicians in Ghana. Being a hip-life music artist and the youngest Ghanaian musician, Kuami Eugene has made groundbreaking strides through his amazing releases. Among his big releases include Boom Bang Bang, Angela, Show Dem and Ebeyeyie. As his songs continue to enjoy massive airplay, there is also much clamor as to why Kuami Eugene’s music has gained so much popularity. While some people opine that it is by sheer luck or that he is a controversial figure, we have a totally different perspective of the young hip life music star. Our view is one of pure talent, wit and determination.

Kuami Eugene - Why the hype?

To answer the question why has Kuami Eugene gained so much popularity, his history has a lot to tell. Kuami Eugene grew up in Fadama, one of the thickest and noisiest slums in Accra, Ghana. By this, he proves the old adage that goes “it doesn’t matter where on is coming from but where one is heading.” Therefore, although Kuami Eugene came from a humble background, his humble beginning could not deter his passion, talent and resilience.
When we talk of Kuami Eugene, we are talking about strong will and conviction. At the age of 16, Kuami dropped out of school when he felt a strong urge to follow his passion for music. Although the dropping out caused emotional anguish to his mother, the “Angela” hit maker admits that his mother is now happy for him. It is not easy for any young man to drop out of school if he is not convinced of the path he is choosing.
His rise to stardom began with his participation in the reality TV show called MTN Hitmaker 2015. Although he was not the ultimate winner of that contest, he could not be deterred from pursuing his musical ambition, which has since experienced exponential growth. It is clear from this side of Kuami Eugene’s past that his determination to shine in the music industry could not be abated even by not winning the TV show.

Kuami Eugene is not only a singer but also a songwriter and producer who writes songs for Ghana’s top musicians the likes of Afia and Becca. This is also part of the reason why Kuami Eugene has gained so much popularity.

Not even heartbreak, stiff opposition, discouragement and betrayal could abate Kuami Eugene’s drive. He tells of how, during his early life in the music industry, his musical talent was also destroyed by close friends. Today, looking back at those heartbreaking moments, Kuami Eugene is proud of the hard work he put in and his determination.

Kuami Eugene songs - The hits and the misses

It is no doubt that Kuami Eugene’s songs have everything to do with why he has gained so much popularity. With an ever rising musical and popularity trajectory, there is no doubt that Kuami Eugene will take Ghana’s music to the next level. Kuami Eugene has definitely stolen the hearts of Ghanaians through his music. So far, Eugene has released over 8 songs, some of which are solos while others are collaborations featuring other popular musicians such as Sarkodie. His latest release is titled "Confusion."

Kuami Eugene Angela - Ghana 2017 top hit

The popular love-themed song “Angela” by Kuami Eugene has truly blown Ghanaians away and is one of the foremost reasons why he has gained so much popularity. Produced by Legendary Killbeatz and one of Kuami Eugene’s biggest songs, the song has captivated many Ghanaians. Kuami Eugene, speaking about his new song “Angela” on a local radio station Hitz FM, revealed his inspiration for the song. He said that Angela was a lady who held a special place in his heart. Kuami Eugene added that although Angela was not his girlfriend, she played a vital role as a motivator in his life.
So why has Kuami Eugene music gained so much popularity? Not only does the young hip life musician have solid determination, but also bona fide mean talent as a lyricist and singer.

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